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The Shiloh Community

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Shiloh is a Christian intentional community nestled on 267 acres in the Arkansas Ozarks. Presently, under the leadership of Pastor James Janisch, we:  

  1. Conduct a non-denominational Christian ministry; 
  2. Operate the Shiloh Christian conference and retreat center; 
  3. Franchise the Shiloh Farms line of certified organic, chemical-free and all natural foods ; 
  4. Operate the nation's largest bakery certified to produce Breads for Life (BFL) and Shiloh Farms bread products; 
  5. Care for and sustain Shiloh's elderly and retired family members; 
  6. Operate the Shiloh General Store; 
  7. Conduct programs, and communicate ideas; 
  8. Endeavor to... practice the Golden Rule "do unto others as you would that others do unto you" 
  9. Generally, practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty... just for the love of it. 

Find out more about Shiloh...

  • Shiloh History

    For more than 50 years, our community has flourished in a spirit of peace and goodwill.  

  • Shiloh Farms

    From the ovens of our bakery, and from the far corners of this country, we bring you the purest foods available!  

  • Shiloh Conference and Retreat Center 

    We wholeheartedly invite you to:  

    Retreat... Renew... Gather... Celebrate...
    Work... Play... Discover... Create...
  • Shiloh Living

    In this dynamic setting, we offer you:  

    Our Center of Love, Light & Healing;
    Our Place for Growth, Discovery & Renewal. 

     Shiloh Community
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     (800) 3-SHILOH 
    (800) 374-4564 

     James Janisch, Anna Lee (Sevak) Janisch, 
    E.Crosby Monroe